Instructions for installing Regex Concord on Windows

Instructions updated: January 2018

1. This application will not work on your PC unless you download the free program ActivePerl on to your computer.

Go to: http://www.activestate.com/store/activeperl/download/

Most people should choose Windows Installer associated with Windows (64-bit, x64).

- Why is this step necessary? RegexConcord utilizes Perl version 5 to execute many of the search routines. It is especially fast and versatile for searching large numbers of text files. Windows does not come with Perl preinstalled. ActiveState offers free distributions of Perl. After it has been installed, you can verify it is running by searching for the application called Command Prompt. Then type the following command at the prompt:

C:\> perl -v

You should then see a statement like, "This is perl 5, ..."


If so, you are good to go.

- If there are problems, work with your computer technician to go through these steps. Sometimes you may have permission restrictions for making this install. If you cannot complete this step, you won't be able to use Regex Concord on your Windows computer.

2. Download the Windows version of RegexConcord.exe

- Save the file to your Downloads folder.

- Locate the zip file in your Downloads folder, select it and click the Extract button at the top of the window. Then click Extract all.


- Copy the folder with Regex Concord to anywhere on you computer. The only stipulation is that you leave the folder structure intact. Meaning you will see Regex Concord, and next to it the folder Regex Concord Libs.